Established in 2007, Zelere Holding Company (ZHC) is a Lebanon based business house, acquiring business entities that operate in various business lines and industries. The main business focuses on Food & Non-food Consumer Packed Products (FMCG) in addition to Specialized Contracting Services. Zelere, being the holding company of various companies and businesses, wanted to redefine its identity to convey its strong presence. For the logo, notaclinic design agency devised a bold identity, highlighting the initial letter “Z”, expressing the company’s personality and desired impact. The three different shades of blue provided the logo a three-dimensional aspect, infused with vitality and modern appearance. For the website, an array of panoramic and portrait monochrome shots, intertwined with the Z shape, are used to create a timeless appeal. The website is designed in a way that it could be easily navigated, with the facility of searching it through keywords or phrases.
ZELERE website design and development
ZELERE - brochure branding
ZELERE - website design and development - desktop mockup
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