Profitech, established in 1975, is one of the leading companies in the aluminum and glass assembly industry. It provides a variety of products for the interior and exterior of buildings, such as, sliding systems, glass curtains and rolling shutters. Profitech works with the latest technologies in assembly and installation to provide its customers with quality, diversity and innovation. Previously managed under the name of Hmeidani Aluminum, Profitech approached notaclinic design agency to revitalize its image and restore its integrity among customers. The symbol was derived from the company’s initial “P”. A balanced composition of geometric structure formed the three-dimensional letter using a flat color palette. The identity extends to all other touch points including website, stationery, signage and print communications.
PROFITECH - brochure, Cd, business card, branding
PROFITECH - full branding for CDs and brochures
PROFITECH - business card design and branding
PROFITECH - web design and development - mockup for desktop and tablet site
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