Climacond is an HVACR (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) mechanical company, which supplies and installs HVACR systems for commercial and high-end properties in the Middle East and provides mechanical services such as plumbing, water and drainage systems. The client engaged Notaclinic design agency to create a new corporate identity that would help the company stand out in the marketplace. Notaclinic used the flow of air to express the HVACR systems, combined with the initial letter “C”. The new identity is later implemented on all Climacond’s communications and marketing literature.
CLIMACOND - business cards with brand identity
CLIMACOND - website design and development on tablet
CLIMACOND - logo conceptualization and design creation
CLIMACOND brochures and catalogues with design and brand logo
CLIMACOND catalogue with company information
CLIMACOND logo & trademark on wooden wall
CLIMACOND van with logo
EID video post for CLIMACOND
CLIMACOND - Happy mother's day post for social media
CLIMACOND -post for social media - AC on / AC off
CLIMACOND - happy labor's day post for social media
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