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Notaclinic is a creative branding agency based in Beirut, Lebanon.
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in graphic design, web
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Behind The Name*

It all started when three high-school friends, Hala, Hiba and Mirna decided to change the norms and embrace creativity.


Saying “not a…” was the first step towards change. Adding “but a…” was already living the vision. Located in Ras Beirut Clinics, we became known as NOT A CLINIC, But a Design Studio.


From then on, we crafted some of the most memorable designs and campaigns using visual communication tools and a variety of methodologies, concentrating on branding and performance so our clients benefit from optimal results.

About us



Whether you’re promoting a product, a service, or an idea, it all starts with developing a great concept. The concept then expresses itself through the diverse world of design.

Web Developement

Contemporary web design is a complex mix of artistic and technical skills. To be successful, a site must be dynamic, engaging, and lightweight while adhering to strict accessibility standards. At NOTACLINIC, we understand your business, preferences, needs, and objectives and translate them into a website that showcases your brand. Our web design and development services include:

Digital Marketing

Going social is not an option: it’s a necessity. Online presence is vital for your growth and success. And the right the strategy and approach are what make you stand out and separate you from the competition. Reach your target audience and engage with people through NOTACLINIC’s social media services.

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