Maximum is an old established enterprise founded in1976. Specialized in the manufacturing of men shirts, t-shirts and pajamas, the company has recently been aiming at presenting a complete men’s wear collection, expanding the production to include other garments such as pants and blazers. Maximum ensures the use of the best fabrics and accessories with high supervision and quality control. The company’s expansion in the Gulf region urged towards designing a universal logo that encompasses all culture and taste. Notaclinic design studio designed a simple heavy type logo expressing its high quality, elegance and strong presence in the market. An array of photographic shots was captured to reinforce Maximum visual identity emphasizing its history and style. These were used to develop the company’s online presence and other marketing material.
maximum logo and brand on business cards
maximum logo designs on business cards
MAXIMUM - paper, t-shirtand other accessories all designed by Notaclinic
maximum logo stamped on black board
maximum website on tablet
MAXIMUM - website design and development - tablet mode
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