Cherry Blossom Boutique

A Luxurious Boutique Hotel, the Cherry Blossom Resort is nestled in EL – Metn area on the hillside of Lamartine Valley with inspirational views, 20 kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Beirut. The natural setting of Cherry Blossom amidst verdant orchard, and its 400 meters private driveway that leads guests to an imposing facade makes it a unique and perfect hideaway with first class services. Notaclinic design agency uplifted the boutique logo to make it more present and appealing. The cherry tree (in the old logo) is replaced with a branch extended from the letter C, accentuating the blossom, on which the main concept of the boutique lies. Notaclinic has also uplifted their social media image with new compositions that better define the boutique services and great hospitality. Their new simple website answers the market need for a more functional navigation and a personalized user experience.
cherry blossom old logo vs new logo comparison
cherry blossom towel with logo
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cherry blossom boutique hotel website desktop
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